Ethiopia eVisa for Thai Citizens

Ethiopia, known as the most ancient land in the world, has improved its visa expedition program by incorporating the electronic travel authorization in 2017 to several countries, being Thailand one of them.

The eVisa to Ethiopia is the best way of applying for a travel permit to the country. This option is fully electronic and does not require Thai passengers to book appointments or visit Ethiopian embassies or consulates.

What Visa Do I Need to Visit Ethiopia From Thailand?

Thai passengers have the possibility of selecting the tourist eVisa or the business travel permit, depending on their trip.

The business electronic visa to Ethiopia has the peculiarity of demonstrating that applicants of Thailand are traveling because of work, both paid or voluntary.

If nationals of Thailand are thinking about exploring the country for leisure, then the tourist eVisa to Ethiopia is the right choice.

Both visas allow Thai travelers to stay up to one or three consecutive months. When Thai citizens start their Ethiopian eVisa online form, they can choose between both options.

There is a possibility of enlarging the eVisa to Ethiopia, so it is important to think about the trip duration. In this sense, an electronic visa to Ethiopia is a single-entry document. Once travelers from Thailand have entered the country, they cannot use the visa again.

What Documents Do Thai Nationals Need to Get an Ethiopian eVisa?

Citizens of Thailand intending to obtain an eVisa to Ethiopia will need a valid Thai passport, an scanned photo in ID size, and a copy of the passport’s biographical page.

Thai passports must also have an expiration date of at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Ethiopia.

It is of the utmost importance to bring a copy of the eVisa, a copy of the passport together with the original one, and the documentation to demonstrate the business activity Thai nationals are performing in the country if applicants are traveling with a business electronic visa.

In the case of a tourist visa to Ethiopia, Thai residents need to present onward travel receipts or return tickets and accommodation details while in the country.

All eVisa eligible travelers, from Thailand or elsewhere, will need to enter Ethiopia through the Addis Ababa Bole International Airport, as it is the only port of entry for foreigners bringing an eVisa to Ethiopia.

To travel to Ethiopia is not mandatory that nationals of Thailand present medical reports, although it is recommended to be informed about the recommended vaccines. For example, the vaccine for Hepatitis A and B, as well as yellow fever and rabies, are highly advised.

Thai applicants should know if they are traveling with tourism or business purposes, as the Ethiopian eVisa requirements vary.

How Can Thai Travelers Apply for an Ethiopian Visa?

The Ethiopian eVisa application form is possible by the registration of an email account and following all the steps during the process.

Thai applicants must be sure that all the provided information is correct. It can be asked:

  • Full name
  • Current address
  • Date and city of birth
  • Gender

There are questions related to security and health information. If applicants have criminal reports, they can be asked to provide certain documentation if Ethiopia security forces believe it is necessary.

Once all the information is submitted, the eVisa application is processed over a few hours or days. If the result is positive, Thai travelers will receive the authorization travel document in an attached PDF format via email at the same account used during the application form.

The Thai email address owner may check the inbox and the spam box for being updated during the process.

All the information must be true, as it will be checked when arriving in Ethiopia.

Thailand is also an eligible country to apply for an Ethiopian visa in arrival, however, this option is slower than the online application and might involve long queues in border controls.

Ethiopian eVisa processing time for Thai applicants

Once Thai applicants complete and send their online form, it is expected they will receive the Ethiopian eVisa within 24 hours to 3 working days through email and in PDF format. However, it is recommended that nationals of Thailand start the online visa application to Ethiopia at least two weeks in advance from the day of departure.

If there is a rejection of the Ethiopian electronic travel permit, it will be communicated via email to Thai citizens.

How to Prepare the Trip From Thailand to Ethiopia?

Ethiopia has many differences with Thailand, not only in culture but in weather and landscape, characteristics that make this country even more attractive to Thai nationals.

Ethiopia has an ancient heritage that can be discovered, for instance, in Lalibela, Ethiopia’s Holy City. Foreigners will be surprised about architecture and the way ancient humans lived.

Before departure from Thailand to Ethiopia, it is a good idea to check the forecast and the season’s weather conditions as Ethiopia has a rainy season.

Regarding Ethiopian travel safety and security, Thai tourists will not find difficulties in this country although small crimes, such as pickpocketing or minor robberies, are complicated to eradicate.

All the information provided, including Ethiopian eVisa prerequisites, the application process, and trip advice, will guarantee a safe, ideal journey for citizens of Thailand.