Ethiopia Visa for South African Citizens

Ethiopia, which is often referred to as the Horn of Africa, is home to lively people and interesting history. However, to visit this country most tourists need a visa. However, this no longer has to be a lengthy process.

A typical tourist visa allows visitors to enter Ethiopia once. Those wishing to travel to Ethiopia will need a tourist visa. An Ethiopia visa for South African citizens is only used for a single entry.

These visas are valid for either a 30-day or 90-day stay. Those on a tourist visa cannot under any circumstance work in Ethiopia. Additionally, tourist visa holders cannot change his or her immigration status.

Before traveling to Ethiopia, South African passport holders need to familiarize themselves with all the visa regulations and procedures.

Ethiopian Visa Options for South African Citizens

Visitors can choose between several ways to secure an Ethiopia visa for South African citizens. A visa on arrival not only requires visitors to travel with sensitive documents but also involves waiting in long lines at the border.

There is another option that involves visiting an Ethiopian embassy or consulate to apply for a visa. Again, this method involves traveling to a location with personal documents. There are usually longer wait times the embassies as well.

The online visa application deals with a less stressful approach. Instead of waiting in long queues, applicants complete the process entirely online. While each traveler can choose his or her method of applying for an Ethiopian visa, an eVisa is the suggested one.

It is important to note that tourists with eVisas must enter the country via Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. Entrance through any other border point is prohibited for eVisa holders.

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Documents Required From South African Citizens to Apply For an Ethiopian Visa

South Africans who want to apply for a visa must meet certain requirements first. This involves collecting the correct documents. Once all the paperwork is gathered the application process can start.

Applicants should double-check all information they provide. Inaccurate data or failure to provide all the necessary information could cause the visa to be delayed or rejected.

Below are the Ethiopia visa requirements for South African citizens:

  • South African passport
    • The passport has to have six months left before expiration
    • Minimum of two blank stamp pages
  • Applicant details:
    • First and last names
    • Date of birth
    • Gender
    • Current address
  • Travel details like the dates and locations of Ethiopian stay
  • Full color, current passport photo
  • Health information
  • Credit or debit card for the fee payment

Ethiopian Visa Application for South African Citizens

The online Ethiopian visa application for South African citizens is a quick and easy process. The eVisa application is offered to passport holders from all countries as long as the requirements are met.

Candidates should meet the above requirements. They should be prepared to give personal details and answer basic, as well as, security-related questions.

After everything is submitted and the payment is sent, the proper authorities screen the application. Once cleared by security, the Ethiopian eVisa is sent to the provided email in a PDF format. 

Ethiopian Visa Processing Time From South Africa

When submitted online, the Ethiopia visa from South Africa is often delivered as soon as 24 hours after completion. This is why the eVisa is the preferred method for obtaining a tourist visa.

Occasionally, however, the visa takes a little longer to approve. In these cases, expect three business days for the visa to be approved and delivered.

Therefore, applicants should plan the trip with enough time for each visa to be approved and delivered. The eVisa will be sent as a PDF via email. 

FAQ Abouth Ethiopian Visa for South African Citizens

Yes, South African citizens must have a valid visa in order to enter Ethiopia.

Although, holders of service or diplomatic passports of any country, except for Somalia and Pakistan, can enter Ethiopia visa-free for a period of up to 3 months.

South Africans can apply for an Ethiopian visa quickly and easily online. The Ethiopian eVisa application process is fully electronic, foreign visitors are not required to present paperwork in person at an embassy or consulate.

Citizens of South Africa who meet the Ethiopian visa requirements can request a visa using the online form. Required information includes basic personal data, passport details, and other security information.

Travelers are advised to submit their application at least 7 days before departing South Africa to allow time for processing. On approval, the Ethiopian eVisa is sent by email, to be printed at home and present on arrival at Ababa Bole International Airport.

The Ethiopia visa from South Africa, which is completed and approved online, is often accepted as soon as 24 hours after completion. Occasionally, the approval time may be longer. In these cases, expect up to three business days. Therefore, it is best to plan with enough time for authorization.