Ethiopia Visa for Somali Citizens

Ethiopia, or the Horn of Africa as it is often called, is located in the northeastern part of Africa. While there are many reasons to visit Ethiopia, travelers need one important document: a visa.

It is important to know that all but two nationalities need a visa to enter Ethiopia. There is no need to worry, as there are many options when it comes to an Ethiopia visa for Somali citizens.

Those looking for a tourist visa have two options. An Ethiopia tourist visa for Somali citizens can be attained either online or in person.

While each can choose his or her method, the online visa is the recommended option. An eVisa for Ethiopia eliminates the need to visit an embassy or consulate. It can be completed in a matter of minutes and is approved quickly completely online.

On the other hand, a visa on arrival requires tourists to wait in lines at border entry points upon arrival. This option also requires travelers to bring all the necessary paperwork on the journey with them.

Likewise, visiting an embassy or consulate requires applicants to travel with sensitive documents and wait in lines, even if he or she has an appointment.

All visitors with an eVisa must enter Ethiopia via Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. Other border entry points are prohibited for those traveling with an eVisa.

What Visa Do I Need to Visit Ethiopia from Somalia?

Yes, Somalis must have a visa to enter and travel throughout Ethiopia. An Ethiopia visa for Somalia citizens is now a simplified process. Most people will need to obtain a tourist visa.

Standard tourist visas are single entry and allow either a 30–day or 90-day stay. This means a single tourist visa cannot be reused once the visitor has left the country. The rule applies even if there are still days left in the visa.

For those who need more time in the country, there are visa extensions. These can be granted in the capital city of Addis Ababa at the Immigration and Nationality Affairs Office. Please note that an extension has to be applied for at least one week before the current visa expires. 

Visitors with tourist visas cannot work at all. Not even for volunteer purposes. Additionally, tourist visa holders cannot change their immigration status either.

What Documents Do Somali Need to Get an Ethiopian Visa?

Before starting the online application, Somali citizens need to ensure they meet all requirements. Gathering all the appropriate paperwork will save time and create a smooth application process.

It is also important for applicants to double-check their information. Incorrect data, or inability to provide all the necessary documents, could cause the visa to be delayed or possibly rejected.

Review the Ethiopia visa requirements for Somalia citizens below:

  • Somalia passport
    • With six months left of validity after the date of entry
    • Two blank pages for stamps
  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Residential address
  • Planned dates and locations while in Ethiopia
  • Passport photo
    • Has to be in color
    • Current
  • Health report
    • Sometimes proof of vaccinations is necessary, check the vaccine requirements to ensure the applicants are eligible for travel
  • Payment for the fee

How Long Does It Take for an Ethiopian Visa to be Approved?

The Ethiopia visa from Somalia or the eVisa is a painless procedure. Everything is completed and approved online. The average acceptance time is just 24 hours after completion. Once the visa is approved, it will be sent via email.

Please take into consideration that delays can happen. In such a case approval may take up to three business days. Just to be safe, travelers should apply for the visa with plenty of time before departure. 

How Can Somali Citizens Apply for an Ethiopian Visa?

The eVisa application is available to citizens from all countries and simplifies the entire process.

Applicants not only have to fill in the details listed in the requirements above but also need to answer basic and security-related questions.

Once everything is submitted and the payment is made, the application is screened by government officials. Once deemed safe, the Ethiopian eVisa as a PDF format via email.