Ethiopian Visa for Croatian Citizens

Getting an Ethiopian travel authorization has become much easier with the Ethiopian electronic visa. Starting June 1, 2018, this document is mandatory to enter the country for Croatian citizens as only two nations can travel visa-free.

It is extremely important that all travelers make sure that they have a valid visa in order to visit Ethiopia so to avoid any issues at the immigration border.

Do Croatian Citizens Need a Visa for Ethiopia?

Croatian citizens must have in their possession a valid visa in order to be able to enter the country smoothly. They should also be aware that, currently, there is no possibility of getting a visa on arrival, therefore, it is mandatory to get the online process done in advance.

All foreigners need to bring all the supporting documents and meet the necessary Ethiopian visa requirements in order to avoid the possibility of being denied entry.

Tourist visas are single entry, meaning that in case of leaving the country and wanting to enter again, a new e-visa will need to be issued. Since Ethiopian eVisas allow Croatians to stay for either 30 days or 90 days, the eVisa holder can choose one of the two options while completing the application form.

Electronic visas can be used to enter Ethiopia through s one port of entry only, which is Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. In case of arriving at another port of entry, a different visa might need to be issued.

Required Documents for Getting an Ethiopia Visa for Croatian Citizens

The following documents will be required in order to submit the Ethiopia eVisa application successfully:

  • An eligible passport with the expiration date occurring at least 6 months after the arrival date to the country
  • A passport-size photograph

In order to avoid inconvenience and delays, the traveler must ensure that all the information that is being provided during the application process is correct.

Croatian citizens will be required to include the following details:

Personal information:

  • Full name as it appears on the passport (including middle name if applicable)
  • Country of birth
  • Country of citizenship
  • Date of birth
  • City of birth
  • Gender

Passport details:

  • Country of issuance as shown in passport
  • Date of issuance
  • Expiration date
  • Passport number

During the application process, travelers might need to answer a few health and security questions and at the final step, they will be asked for a debit or credit card in order to proceed with the payment of the visa fee.

Croatians who are in possession of dual citizenship must choose one to complete the application and present the same passport at the port of entry. It is paramount that the information provided matches 100% with the passport.

Applicants will need to submit the following documents at the Immigration Bureau once they have arrived at the airport:

  • A printed copy of the Ethiopian electronic visa
  • A valid Croatian passport
  • A photocopy of the abovementioned passport
  • Two blank pages at the end of the passport for stamps or notes from the Ethiopian immigration authorities

Croatian citizens are reminded that the Ethiopian tourist visa is a single-entry, short-term permit. Staying in the country beyond the validity of this document might incur fines or legal action.

Moreover, the online visa is intended only for tourist purposes and is not valid for business activities. Croatian businesspeople wishing to enter Ethiopia should apply for an Ethiopian business visa.

Processing Times to Get a Visa for Ethiopia From Croatia

As the procedure for getting an Ethiopian visa for tourists online is quick, the expected processing time is 3 business days. However, if all the information provided during the application process is correct, most visas are approved in the first 24 hours of the request.

Either way, it is important that applicants submit the form at least three days before departure in order to avoid delays and assure that the visa is ready on time.

Application for an Ethiopian Visa From Croatia: Further Details

Croatian citizens must make sure that they have all the necessary documents and information before submitting the application. As the process for getting the Ethiopia tourist visa is 100% online there is no need of attending an embassy or consulate in person.

If the visa is approved, Croatian visitors will receive an email with the attached document in up to 3 business days from the application.

Travelers must note that the eVisa is valid from the date of entry to Ethiopia and not from the date of issue.

Can Croatians Obtain an Ethiopia Visa On Arrival?

There are a number of countries whose citizens can apply for an Ethiopian Visa on Arrival, also known as VoA. However, Croatian nationals are not among this group of eligible travelers.

In any case, it is worth noting that the Ethiopia VoA is not as beneficial as the Ethiopia eVisa since a visa on arrival means waiting in the immigration line when arriving at the airport and presenting all the proper documentation in paper instead of electronically, as it happens with the e-Visa.