All There Is to Know About Ethiopia Internal Flights

ethiopia internal flights

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is the 26th largest country in the world, taking up a big portion of the African Horn. It’s bordered by Eritrea to the north, Djibouti to the northeast, Somalia to the southeast, Kenya to the south, and Sudan to the west. 

Over 102 million people live here and therefore, Ethiopia is the most populous landlocked nation on the planet.

It’s natural for tourists who intend to spend a limited time in the country to consider internal flights the most efficient way to get to see the best of what Ethiopia has to offer. To move through Ethiopia by plane is, therefore, a very popular plan. 

If you’re wondering whether you should include internal flights, this article will answer questions such as:

  • What are Ethiopia’s airports?
  • Will I need a different Ethiopian visa depending on the airports I’ll use?
  • What airline operates internal Ethiopian flights?

What Are Ethiopia’s Main Airports?

The country is well-served when it comes to internal air travel. In fact, there are more than 50 airports in Ethiopia. 

From Gode in the very South to Humera right on the border with Eritrea, every area in the country is easily reachable from an airport.

Here’s a list of the Ethiopian airports:

  • Bole Airport, Addis Ababa
  • Arba Mintch Airport, Arba Mintch
  • Asela Airport, Asela
  • Asosa Airport, Asosa
  • Assab Airport, Assab
  • Awareh Airport, Awareh
  • Awassa Airport, Awassa
  • Axum Airport, Axum
  • Bahar Dar Airport, Bahar Dar
  • Beica Airport, Beica
  • Bulchi Airport, Bulchi
  • Buno Bedelle Airport, Buno Bedelle
  • Chagni Airport, Chagni
  • Debra Marcos Airport, Debra Marcos
  • Debra Tabor Airport, Debra Tabor
  • Degahbur Airport, Degahbur
  • Dembidollo Airport, Dembidollo
  • Combolcha Airport, Dessie
  • Aba Tenna D Yilma Airport, Dire Dawa
  • Fincha Airport, Fincha
  • Gambela Airport, Gambela
  • Geladi Airport, Geladi
  • Genda Wuha Airport, Genda Wuha
  • Ghimbi Airport, Ghimbi
  • Ghinnir Airport, Ghinnir
  • Goba Airport, Goba
  • Gode/Iddidole Airport, Gode/Iddidole
  • Gondar Airport, Gondar
  • Gore Airport, Gore
  • Humera Airport, Humera
  • Indaselassie Airport, Indaselassie
  • Jigiga Airport, Jigiga
  • Jimma Airport, Jimma
  • Jinka Airport, Jinka
  • Kabri Dar Airport, Kabri Dar
  • Kelafo Airport, Kelafo/Callaf
  • Lalibela Airport, Lalibela
  • Makale Airport, Makale
  • Massawa Airport, Massawa
  • Mekane Selam Airport, Mekane Selam
  • Mena Airport, Mena
  • Mendi Airport, Mendi
  • Misrak Gashamo Airport, Misrak Gashamo
  • Mizan Teferi Airport, Mizan Teferi
  • Mota Airport, Mota
  • Moyale Airport, Moyale
  • Mui Airport, Mui
  • Neghelli Airport, Neghelli
  • Nejjo Airport, Nejjo
  • Nekemt Airport, Nekemt
  • Beles Airport, Pawi
  • Semera Airport, Semera
  • Shakiso Airport, Shakiso
  • Shehdi Airport, Shehdi
  • Shillavo Airport, Shillavo
  • Soddu Airport, Soddu
  • Tippi Airport, Tippi
  • Tum Airport, Tum
  • Waca Airport, Waca
  • Warder Airport, Warder

Not all Ethiopian airports receive regularly scheduled flights. Some are very small and may not even operate all year round.

What Is Ethiopia’s Main Airline?

The airline that operates most national flights in Ethiopia is Ethiopian Airlines. Visitors planning to board internal flights during their time in Ethiopia will most likely purchase tickets from this company.

Ethiopia Airlines is not a low-cost company and numerous plane journeys may noticeably increase the final cost of your Ethiopian holiday. It’s advisable to book the flights well in advance to ensure seat availability and lower fares.

How Do Internal Flights Affect My Ethiopian Visa?

Your visa may be affected by the airport you decide to use as your first point of entry into Ethiopia. For example, if your Ethiopian eVisa application is successful and you’re granted entry, your visa will only be valid if your plane lands at Addis Ababa Bole international airport.

There are several reasons for this: Addis Ababa Bole airport is the main airport in Ethiopia. It’s also the main hub in the country for Ethiopian Airlines and where the Ethiopian Aviation Academy is located. 

As many as 450 flights land and depart from Addis Ababa Bole airport every day and many of those travel on routes from and to Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Therefore, the airport is the most equipped for international travelers, from modern border control systems to shops and restaurants.

As a rule of thumb, once you have entered Ethiopia and as long as you comply with your visa terms and conditions, your visa should not be affected by the internal flights you take as part of your holiday.