Do you need a transit visa for Ethiopia?

need transit visa ethiopia

Travelers who transit through Ethiopia don’t need a visa as long as they remain in the permitted transit area and depart within 12 hours. However, if someone has to wait for their connecting flight for longer than 12 hours, or wants to leave the airport, then they need to obtain a transit visa for Ethiopia.

Passengers traveling through Ethiopia can obtain transit visas on arrival at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. It’s also possible to obtain a transit visa from an Ethiopian embassy or consulate. There are transit visas available for 12, 24, 48 or 72 hours.

Generally speaking, all visitors (except citizens of Djibouti and Kenya) need a visa to enter Ethiopia. The eVisa for Ethiopia is quick to apply for and allow visitors to enter for periods of 30 or 90 days (applicants can choose).

How to obtain an Ethiopian transit visa

Travelers can apply for a transit visa upon arrival at one of the immigration desks at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. The application form is simple to complete. The fee depends on the length of validity.

Ethiopia transit visa fees

 Fee Time
 £20.00 12 hours
 £32.00 24 hours
 £40.00 48 hours
 £48.00 72 hours
 £40.00 Double entry (no more than 24 hours)

Ethiopian Airlines transit service

If both flights are with Ethiopian Airlines and the stopover is longer than 8 hours, the airline will provide a free hotel package which includes a hotel room, transfers, and meals.

If you get this free hotel package you don’t need a transit visa for Ethiopia. They stamp your hotel voucher or boarding pass for the second flight. The hotel package is either available at the first check-in or the gate (in some airports).

Other types of visas for Ethiopia

The maximum amount of time a visitor can spend in Ethiopia with a transit visa is 72 hours. To stay in Ethiopia for longer than this period it’s necessary to apply for a visa on arrival or an Ethiopia Tourist Visa.

The Tourist Visa is quick to apply for online. The visa application only takes a matter of minutes to complete and then the visa is sent to the applicant by email. It’s available to all nationalities and allows for staus of up to 90 days.

Visitors can obtain a visa on arrival at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. It’s only available to certain nationalities and allows a single stay of up to 30 days.